Sanjan Tanzania brings together skilled individuals based in East Africa that are committed to offering their unique approach assisting others in specially chosen areas of tourism, photographic services and community level handicraft development that empowers lives.



Gian Schachenmann, Daniela Bateleur and Paul Oliver have come together to pool their photographic work and offer their services under Sanjan. All have a wealth of experience in capturing the African 'moments' encountered during the varied safari expeditions they are involved in. Their joint passion for image excellence is only equaled by their desire to understand these fragile cultures and the environments these cultures depend on. The wildlife 'moments' all three photographers seek are images of a wilderness they respect and feel passionate about protecting. They all spend quality time immersed in wilderness landscapes, some of which are threatened by over exploitation. The very safari industry some of them are involved in has a lot to answer for and a better understanding of these difficult issues is a primary objective and sincere motivation for everyone involved in establishing Sanjan Tanzania

A Sanjan safari connects you with the very best of safari guides based here in East Africa. They design and lead extraordinary safaris to special places away from the major developments. These guides share a desire to show you the wilderness areas they love to work in, they have spent quality time trying to protect the integrity of these unique habitats and are committed to a 'light touch' approach. On a back country walking expedition, an in-depth natural history celebration or a luxury tented safari wilderness privilege, an experienced guide will certainly enrich your experience. These same guides have either established their own visitor facility or helped others to do so and their combined experience is impressive. Each has their own web site. Connect with them through Sanjan. It could change the way you view wilderness forever!

Sanjan consults to a European NGO and has helped create Maasai Women's Art which has developed into a community business of real importance. Marina 'Tati' Oliver, the founder of Sanjan Tanzania, has helped Maasai women groups develop and market their wares and advised on how best to direct the development funds this NGO has raised. These grass roots women's projects, that produce fine beaded jewelry, try to retain traditional designs that appeals to western tastes. This project is seen as a truly sustainable example of rural community empowerment. These women groups now gain a real income from this production and no longer have to sneak out at night to supplement their family incomes by 'stealing' fire wood from the nearby National Park.

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